Chapel Creek Farms

This week on “Talk Local To Me,” Mike sat down with the delightful Melody Divers from Chapel Creek Farms. Nestled in the heart of Bedford County, Chapel Creek isn’t just a farm—it’s a family affair, run by Melody, her husband Johnny, and their sons, who playfully dub themselves the regional and district managers of their bustling business. 🐄

During the interview, Melody shared the joys and challenges of managing a farm that sprawls over 2000 acres with over 900 cows. They don’t just raise cattle; they homeschool their boys amidst the never-ending farm duties, embodying the spirit of a true family-run operation. From hilarious stories about their cow Freckles who loves to photobomb family pictures, to insights into their sustainable farming practices, this episode is a heartwarming glimpse into farm life.

For those intrigued by high-quality, locally-sourced beef and the farm-to-table movement, Melody’s story will inspire you. Plus, learn about their upcoming event, Burgers And Bluegrass At CCF, where you can enjoy great food and lively tunes right on the farm! 🎻🍔

Tune in to hear all about life at Chapel Creek Farms on the Grove Street FM App, brought to you by Media Squatch, or wherever you get your podcasts. Dive into the world of sustainable farming and discover the rich tapestry of community and family behind your food. 🎧

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