Chapel Creek Farms
Divers Family

Chapel Creek Farms is centered around family and sustainability

Johnny and Melody Divers and their two sons, Chapel and Creek, started Chapel Creek Farms in early 2016. As a family, they run a large beef cattle operation, an apple orchard, and fresh press cider in the Cider Barn. The Cider Barn is situated on the tract of land that Johnny’s grandfather used as a garden plot. His grandfather started a beef cattle operation on the property, and the land has been used for agriculture since his post WWII land purchase.

Both Johnny and Melody grew up on family farms and studied at Ferrum College. Their combined knowledge and experience in Agriculture, Business, Biology, and Education have helped them to build the farm to what it is today. The boys are also a crucial part of the farm’s success, and their parents are blessed to share this life with them.

Chapel Creek farms is farming to 2000+ acres of Bedford County farm land with the help of Richard Ruff, who is transitioning his family farm to the Divers. Richard’s family purchased the Mill in 1799, and since 1848 the land has been a generational farm. Today’s Chapel Creek Cattle pastures have been nurtured for over 50 years by Richard Ruff, driven by his post-military service dream of regenerative pasture farming by raising grass-fed and grass-finished cattle.

Johnny, Melody, Creek, Chapel, and Richard are the true definition of a Family Farm. Everyone brings their talents and skills to the family’s business. Work ethic, faith, contentment, and hospitality are hallmarks of these Bedford County farmers and why Chapel Creek Farms is Central and Southwest Virginia’s main destination for Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef.

  • We built our farm upon a deep-seated tradition of doing what’s right and raising our future generations the way God and nature have intended. With over 50 years of nurtured pastures, we produce amazing grass-gaining cattle.

Our Pastures

Chapel Creek farms strive to be good stewards of our land and animals. We are mindful of our resources and try to keep our process as simple as possible. Our pastures are made up of various annual grasses, including Rye, Triticale, Sudan, and Fescue. We Seed in the spring and fall and allow the clover to regenerate the grazed sections of our pastures. We feed our pastures with primarily poultry litter imported from the Shenandoah Valley and Wood ash from local power plants and paper mills. This process allows us to help neighboring communities with their waste and put it back into the supply chain of our cattle.

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