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We are sold out of all 2023 beef shares.

2024 Beef Share Reservations are currently being accepted for February- September 2024. *Beef Processing Prices may fairly increase.

Grass-Finished Beef

All beef is Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished angus cross-herd, USDA inspected, and vacuum sealed. We offer quarter, half, and whole beef. You do not need to partner up with anyone. We take care of matching quarters and halves up. Our goal is to be as fair and uncomplicated as possible.

You can secure your Beef share by booking a Contract Appointment.

Our Ordering Process

We keep our ordering process on a very personal level. The old ways of a good conversation are still a part of our business, so we offer you our hospitality, and we hope to answer all your questions during your appointment.

Select Your Beef Share

Select from a quarter, half, and whole beef share below. You do not need to partner up with anyone. We take care of matching quarters and halves up.

Contract Appointment

We will contact you to secure a Contract Appointment. Each appointment is 30 minutes. We'll go over the contract during the meeting, help you select your cuts, and accept your deposit. Appointments take place at the Cider Barn, 4915 Pike Road in Montvale.

Cut Sheet Selection

We provide you with a cut sheet. You may pick your: steaks, roasts, ribs, and brisket. You're also able to select options relating to packaging and steak thickness.

Beef Share Pick Up

Once our processor has completed your beef share, we'll contact you with an exact date for pick-up. On pick-up day, you'll come to the Cider Barn with your coolers, load up your beef order, and pay your remaining balance.


Beef Share FAQs

Common Beef Share Questions

Our 2023 Beef Shares will increase to $5.20 per hanging weight.

Regardless if you purchase a quarter, half, or whole beef, you pay by the hanging weight. ($5.20/ pound, Hanging Weight) This price includes all processing fees. Plus, you do not go to the processor to pick up your order. You will pick up your beef share from The Cider Barn in Montvale, Virginia.

If you order patties, organ meat, or single package steaks, there is an upcharge. That is the only upcharge you will see in our process!

To figure out a fair estimate of what your share could be, multiply $5.20 by the average hanging weight. Keep in mind cattle vary in size.

We do not offer front or back quarters; it is simply a percentage of the entire available beef. Keep in mind that you are purchasing a portion of the whole when you purchase a beef share.

Regardless of the size of your order, expect your meat will be approximately comprised of 50% Ground Beef, 30% Roasts, 20% Steaks. At the time of signing the contract, a Cut Sheet will be available for you to select cuts.

All meat is vacuumed-sealed and frozen at pick up.

Select Your Beef Share

Quarters, Halves, Wholes

Select the beef share you would like to order below. Once selected, fill out the form, and we will contact you with available appointment dates!

Whole Beef

A whole beef is approximately 500 pounds- hanging weight, resulting in around 320 pounds of take home meat.

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Half Beef

A half beef is approximately 250 pounds- hanging weight, resulting in around 160 pounds of take home meat.

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Quarter Beef

A quarter beef is roughly 125 pounds- hanging weight. You'd pay $5.20/pound on the hanging weight. After the cuts are…

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