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Chapel Creek Farms on Talk Local To Me Radio

Original Facebook Post This week on "Talk Local To Me," Mike sat down with the delightful Melody Divers from Chapel Creek Farms. Nestled in the heart of Bedford County, Chapel Creek isn't just a farm—it's a family affair, run by Melody, her husband Johnny, and their sons, who playfully dub…

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WFXR: “Farm Babe” puts focus of millions of people on southwest Virginia farming

Link to Original WFXR Article MONTVALE, Va. (WFXR) — Think of it as social media meets the pasture. Mix in some cool video, and maybe a background soundtrack. Add some of the newest innovations in farming. Then give it a dash of down-home personality. Do all that, put it on…

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Chapel Creek Farms – Food Service Provider of the Year

View the Original Post The CVABC celebrated our Evening of Elegance Dinner with our members and nominees of our 2022 Small Business of the Year Awards! We would like to take this time to recognize our winners in each category. Food Service Provider of the Year- Chapel Creek Farms Congratulations…

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Bedford farmers adjust to inconsistent weather

View the original WFXR Interview of our farm BEDFORD, Va. (WFXR) — It takes a good amount of knowledge to successfully raise crops and cattle, especially with the recent erratic weather. Farmers and agricultural workers say they will need to make adjustments to grow their crops. Beef Farmers at Chapel…

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Cider Barn Cider

Fun and food generate big money for Virginia farmers

View the original WFXR Interview! MONTVALE, Va. (WFXR) — Profit margins can be slim for farmers some years, especially when there are unexpected rises in input costs or declines in markets. That is why farmers are always looking for a way to generate business. Some are taking an approach that…

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Montvale farmers adapt to change, sell beef by the cut to grow new customer base

View the original WFXR Interview of our farm MONTVALE, Va. (WFXR) — Farmers face obstacles on almost daily basis. Issues like weather, illness, inflation, or wars thousands of miles away that send fuel prices soaring are just part of modern farming life. How farmers deal with those hurdles goes a…

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The Divers Family

Melody Divers appointed to the Agriculture Economic Development Advisory Board

The Bedford County Board of Supervisors recently appointed Melody Divers to represent District 6 on the Bedford County Agriculture Economic Development Advisory Board (Ag Board).

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Chapel Creek Farms On Talk Local To Me Podcast

R and R Pool Services & Chapel Creek Farms. Heather talks to two local business about what they do and how has the pandemic has impacted their businesses.

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