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Our Yearly Bred Heifer Sale

Bred Heifers available for purchase by private sale. Contact Johnny Divers by texting him at: 540-556-4442

Head of Cattle

Select Bred Heifers that Produce Grass-Gaining Offspring.

Our cattle are an easy-keeping, low-maintenance breed that will produce grass-gaining offspring. We raise our cattle on a consistent diet of annual grasses and fescue. What enables our grass-fed cattle to be grass-finished is due to many factors, great genetics, and good grass.

Welcome to Our Orchard

We Produce Big Heifers

With over 50 years of pasture management and farming, we can produce a superior class of grass-gaining cattle. Consistency and attention to detail are what sets us apart. We make sure we select the proper head of cattle and consistently rotate a closed herd to control our cattle and pasture. Contact us if your farm needs bred heifers. We can help you get a head start!

Cow in Field

Our Bred Heifers

With 2000+ acres of Bedford County farm land and 700 head of cattle, it would be a tedious process to raise a maintenance cow. We pick the right breeds and keep our pastures healthy to ensure our cattle are easy to keep and low maintenance; this allows the cattle to mature and grow the way nature intends and efficiently hit the optimal age/weight for breeding and slaughter.

The advantage of grass-fed Bred Heifers is that they will produce offspring who will gain on grass or grain. Our Bred Heifers carry a healthy baby calf and offer your farm an excellent opportunity to introduce a great set of genetics to your herd. One of the most significant advantages of raising a grass-gaining breed is how efficiently they hit an optimal weightage ratio. The dressed meat can weigh just as much as some live cattle, and the taste is superior.

If you’d like to learn more about chapel creek cattle, please reach out, and we will be glad to answer any of your questions

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