Chapel Creek Farms

About This Share

A half beef is approximately 250-300 pounds – hanging weight. After the cuts are made and packaged, you’d have approximately 160 pounds of take-home meat. 

Since we finish the cows based on many factors, the hanging weight and price can vary up to 15%-20%.

The deposit would be $300.

Helpful Info Regarding Our Beef Share Program

    • You pay by the hanging weight regardless of whether you are purchasing a quarter, half, or whole beef. The hanging weight price also includes all processing fees. Please reach out to learn more about the current hanging weight price, as this varies based on the market. You do not go to the processor to pick up your order. You will pick up your beef share from The Cider Barn (Our Beef Storefront) in Montvale, Virginia.
    • If you order patties, organ meat, or single package steaks, there is an upcharge. We also include a quartering fee of $15 for our Quarter-Beef Shares.
    • Keep in mind that you are purchasing a portion of the whole when you purchase a beef share. We do not offer front or back quarters; it’s simply a percentage of the entire available beef.
    • Regardless of the size of your order, expect your meat will be approximately comprised of 50% Ground Beef, 30% Ribs, Roasts & Stew Meat, and 20% Steaks. At the time of signing the contract, a Cut Sheet will be available for you to select cuts.
    • All meat is vacuumed-sealed and frozen at pick up.
    • *Hanging weight per pound costs may vary based on the current market.


Beef Shares in a Cooler