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Producing Low Spray Varieties of Heirloom Fruits

UPDATE: Cider season is over and will resume in the fall.

Chapel Creek farms produce quality heirloom fruits grown for their superior taste and nutrition. Our fruits are raised thoughtfully through a bi-annual process which allows you to experience the sweet taste your Grandparents nostalgically remember.


What We’re Offering


We offer soft flesh heirloom varieties of apples.



Choose from a variety of muscadine noble, Niagara, and Concord.



Our peaches are freestone, yellow flesh, and ripened on the tree.


Our Seasonal Offerings

We offer a low-spray variety of heirloom fruits that are grown for their tastes, not looks. The spraying is kept to a minimum to avoid any unnecessary modification; this helps to improve the taste, softness, and quality of our fruit. We also make sure to ripen our fruits on the plant to offer you the best quality possible.

Apple Varieties

Chapel Creek Farms does not sell or giveaway seconds/deer apples. Our orchard is not a You-Pick; we do the picking for you.

  • Vintage Red Delicious 
  • Vintage Golden Delicious
  • Lodi
  • Northern Spy
  • VA Beauty
  • Stamen
  • Empire
  • Granny Smith
  • York
  • Pearmain
  • Thomas Jefferson

Grape Varieties

  • Muscadine Noble
  • Niagara
  • Concord


  • Free Stone Yellow

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